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Property Developer: SMDC
Project Location: Brgy. Sun Valley, West Service Road, Paranaque City
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: Starting at 26.68 sqm
Price Range: Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens

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Spring Residences

Sometimes a change in our lives is good; however it needs to be a change for the better. When looking to find a new home, you ought to have your priorities right otherwise you might not land a home that fits the title dream home. We all know that searching for a home is a daunting task, and for this reason SMDC developers have taken it upon themselves to try and make your search more pleasant. SMDC Spring residence is one of their numerous projects and this could be just what you have been looking for. If you really want to find that dream home where you can raise a happy family, then this is exactly what you need.

Spring residences is a skillfully, distinctive modern development that provides a revitalizing ambiance. It provides a community where you and your family can be fully contented. The development speaks of sophistication as well as true elegance. It has all the amenities you possibly could need to lead a comfortable life. Its interiors are custom-made to suit individual tastes and preferences. With spring residences, you need not look further for a home or investment; this is where you will find the comforts of modern living.    

Why Choose To Invest In Spring Residences?

All investors would agree with me that choosing a place to start an investment is a challenging task; and it needs careful planning since there are very many considerations that should be observed such as accessibility, property value and security among others. Naturally, you want to make an investment that has good returns. At spring residences, all your work has been made easier; one reason you should choose to invest here is the fact that there are state-of-the-art amenities within the development. You can be guaranteed that your investment is not just going to do well, but thrive. The other reason you cannot miss an opportunity to invest here is assurance of property value increment, which should be one of the major factors to be observed in an investment.

This place is also a perfect match for the families looking for security, comfort and fun. This is yet another reason you would need to invest in spring residences. Also, when searching for a place to set up shop, you need to have access to key destinations. This makes it easy for you to conduct any kind of business you need. Well, if you invest here you have yourself a community which is near key destinations in the Metro. The development is also best for vacation home and retirement home not forgetting ideal for rental investment. This is just the place for you to invest and you can be sure to get value for every buck you spend.


More About Spring Residence

The property occupies an area of one hectare, and has four buildings; which will have 37 units at each level making a total of 1655 units. They are made of steel, concrete, and glass giving it a touch of sophistication. It has top-notch features and amenities suitable for those looking to have an upgrade of their current living status. Before settling in any place, one of your worries is always security. At spring residences there is round the clock security in place as well as presence of Property Management Officers who see to it that your home is secure and safe as you carry out your household chores. The Property Management Office services include housekeeping in areas that are common, common areas general maintenance, assistance in application of utilities as well as security for general areas. Adding on to security, the entrance gate and perimeter fence are lit. There is also a guard house as well as car barriers not forgetting the CCTV cameras placed at strategic points. This is one of the reasons that make spring residences stand out from a large crowd. It makes it a perfect place for an investment as well as growing a family.

Spring residences offer a wide range of amenities that are set up to suit your tastes and preference. At times you just want to have a relaxing deep in the pool after a long day at work or you just want to get away from the busy life of the city. You will have all your wishes come true if you are a resident at this particular development.

There is the presence of a lap pool where you can dive and get that refreshing feeling you have been craving. You could as well swim as a fitness activity which is all up to you. After a swim you can just relax and watch the skies as you get in touch with nature. There is also a kiddie pool which is conveniently positioned right in the middle of the outdoor building. So your children can also have fun swimming in the kiddie pool as well as meeting new friends. In the meantime, the adults can be at the Al Fresco Area enjoying reading their favorite books or even listening to the type of music they love. From this particular amenity they could also watch their children have a good time at the playground which is just across, in fact the amenities are conveniently situated next to each other. Nurturing the landscape are beautiful green open spaces where you can create great memories with your family members.

At the residence, there is also a lounge pool where you can go to relax or even swim as well as get to meet the folks in your community; and maybe make a friend. There is also a function room where you can hold all your functions. With this amenity in place you never have to worry about hosting guests in your living space which could have limited space. There is also a lobby lounge, where you can wait at the reception area. The residence also provides a pavilion which is not a common amenity in many residences. This particular facility allows you to convert it into whatever you like at a particular moment for a specific purpose.

There are various features and utilities provided at spring residences for your convenience as well as security. Each of the towers has been fitted with 3 elevators to ensure that the residents have access to all the sections they may be in need of. Also, there are fire exits at strategic points which are easily accessible at all levels. This is a safety caution which is mandatory for any kind of building. This tells you one thing; that this project is in the hands of professionals who do not compromise the quality of their work. So if you are still in search of a place to invest you need to consider spring residences. A mail room has been set aside where all your mail requirements are addressed. The other very important thing that should be looked into in any residential area or development is hygiene. This is why a garbage disposal area has been put up on every floor. This is where you bring all the waste from your living space so that it can be collected and high standards of cleanliness can be maintained. Sometimes the power could go off without a warning and for this reason, a standby generator has been put up for the common areas as well as selected residential outlet.

There is also an automatic fire detection and alarm system (FDAS) as added safety measures in the buildings. As you can see, spring residence takes the safety of its residence seriously. So why not get a home here and all your worries will be no more. Better still, there is a sewerage treatment plant again observing the hygiene of the residents in this community. We all know that water is what supports life. At this residence a centralized cistern tank has been put in place as well as an elevated water tank. All your cleaning needs will not be problem at any time since you have all the water you require in your home.

There are various types of units you can choose from. Here you can be sure to find a unit that go well with your needs or that of your family. You will find that some of the units are combined to have a bigger space that can accommodate growing families or for the young couples planning ahead. At spring residence you can choose from a number of units such as 1- bedroom unit with balcony measuring 26.68 square meter, family suite A with balcony size 28.01 square meter or family suite B with balcony measuring 27.76 square meter.

All unit finishes are just amazing. The flooring in the living, dining and bedroom will be vinyl planks with base board while the toilet, bath and balcony will be ceramic tiles. This gives it a simple yet a classy look. Interior walls will have a painted finish and the toilet and bath wall is a combination of painted finish and wall tiles. The main door is made of laminated wood while the toilet and bath are fitted with MDF doors. The bedroom has a laminated sliding door; rather stylish. The ceiling has an off-form concrete painted kind of finish. Spring residences should be the next place you look for a start over.   

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1 Bed + Balcony ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 26.68 Other Cuts Available
Family Suite A + Balcony ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 28.01 Other Cuts Available
Family Suite B + Balcony ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 33.39 Other Cuts Available

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